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Flowchart: "What to do when you discover you’re the side-chick" (part 1 of 2)

December 16, 2019 0 comments

Ed Note:  This comes on the heels of Lemonade, which blew me out of the water. Beyonce takes Jay-Z to task for cheating on her with every song, hardly even talking about or caring about the “other woman.”  [Feminism 101:  Take him to task when he messes up.  Screw female competition.  It’s not about you comparing yourself to her, or hating her, when he’s used you both to uplift his own sorry ego.]

When we hear about a dude cheating, people are quick to judge the Other Woman, and unfortunately less often in our sexist society, the dumb guy.

Sure, I am sure there are some people who don’t mind being the “side chick,” or “side dick,” what have you…….You feel special.  You feel like he’s SO into you he’s willing to risk his relationship.  You tell yourself all kinds of lies about how he’s being honest with you, but not with her, so YOUR love is real.  (Don’t fall for that!)

But what happens when you never WANTED to be the side chick, or the Other Woman….. you just WERE?  And you wake up one day to discover the truth?

Y’all….. without revealing too much about where this knowledge comes from, I’m gonna say this: THIS IS A USEFUL FLOWCHART.

This is for you, women, who have been made into side-chicks when you only had the best of intentions and purest of hearts.

Part 1 of 2:  A Flowchart for “What to do when you discover you’re a side chick.”

side chick flow chart

  • Footnote – * PREACH:

The flow chart for HOW TO PREACH will be in Part 2.