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Each post is a great fucking adventure

As Seen On

My second greatest life achievement is being honest enough to say “No, Thank You,” each time I’ve been proposed to, up until now.  As you can see, “no” when you mean it is often nicer than “yes” when you don’t.

If I were ever a mom, which I’m not, I’d probably forget my baby in the backseat.  I love kids and want them all to live.  Ergo, I’m not a mom.

This blog is a soft launch of a book I’ve been working on about Asian American men and their sex lives.  It involves a high frequency of the phrase “dick pic.” So far, it’s involved looking at way too many of them.

I’m super insecure about this blog because I’m writing it live, so I don’t know all the stories yet.  Also, I’m also super insecure about this blog because I’m scared my mom will find it. For both these reasons, if you even know about this site, you are special.

Please tell me about the time you sprayed soda out of your nose from laughing so hard by going to this page.  If you do, maybe I’ll tell you about my first greatest life achievement.